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Quality management is a must for companies. For Seppeler, as well as for Rietbergwerke Behältertechnik, it is just the beginning. We have set ourselves the clear objective of bringing economic, ecological and social interests into harmony with each other. That is why we rely on our Integrated Management System (IMS). Quality, the environment and energy are not just clearly regulated therein, but are also put into practice. The topic of occupational health and safety does not miss out either. After all, hot dip galvanizing itself is already sustainable and resource-efficient. And for us it is not just a sensible matter, but a forward-looking one.

Durability Guarantee

10 year warranty for galvanized containers when used correctly and in accordance with the intended use. The Rietberg containers are galvanized inside and outside by means of hot dip galvanizing. A zinc coating of at least 55 μm is formed in accordance to DIN EN ISO 1461. Since an annual zinc removal of approx. 1 μm is assumed in Germany, according to DIN EN ISO 14713-1, a reliable decade-long corrosion protection for galvanized Rietberg containers is given. The hot dip galvanizing is not only extremely abrasion-resistant but also protects its surface from corrosion through cathodic corrosion protection for smaller damages.


We want to achieve outstanding quality. For example, the production data acquisition system (PDA system) of the Seppeler Group enables the complete, traceable documentation of all process data in almost all companies by means of a specially developed software solution. All parameters, including immersion times, bath temperatures and the exact composition of the pre-treatment baths, can be accessed at any time and can be confirmed in a quality certificate if required.


We want to preserve our environment. An example of active environmental protection is "exhaust air washers", which we have already installed at many Seppeler locations. These minimise acid emissions in pre-treatment. Statutory threshold values apply to our pickles: HCl emissions may not exceed 10 mg/m3. With the new exhaust air washers, we come under 3 mg/m3. This protects both the environment and the staff.


We want to protect resources. At Seppeler, energy efficiency is also an important topic. In this connection, the installation of a heat recovery system is sensible. In this system, the exhaust heat of the galvanizing oven is conducted into a heat exchanger that is filled with water. The water heats up, flows through the pipes leading through the acid baths and heats up the pickle. The pickle reacts more quickly due to being warmed up and thus makes the pre-treatment more efficient. The cooled water then flows back again into the heat exchanger.

Occupational health and safety

We want healthy employees. We support this with the appropriate technology. In addition to a housing of the zinc coating boiler, the protection was optimised by means of a camera system and thus the risk was minimised. The system offers the employee the opportunity to manage the immersions of the steel parts in a controlled fashion from the protective shelter by means of the camera technology

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Thomas Frischen

Management Representative for Environmental Protection und Safety

Fon 0049 5244 983-326

Ina Kuhlmann

Management Representative for Quality and Energy

Fon 0049 5244 983-248

Ricarda Altemeier

Occupational Safety Specialist

Fon 0049 5244 983-224


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