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Uncomplicated, safe, durable

Single-walled mobile tanks for fuelling of small machinery directly at the point of use. Perfect for transport by flatbed or truck. CONTY-B is distinguished by its very durable hot-dip galvanised design. This ensures the outstanding corrosion protection and long service life of the product. The special base construction of CONTY-B enables uncomplicated loading and secure transport by forklift truck. Ready for operation immediately and equipped with all necessary connections, fittings as well as powerful and high-quality pumps for fuelling on site.

Your benefits

  • Long service life: Certification as transport container for road, railway, inland shipping and maritime transport as well as air freight for an unlimited time
  • Uncomplicated: Storage container approved acc. to German Model Administrative Provisions – Technical Building Rules (MVV TB)
  • Cost-effective: No periodic inspections necessary
  • Practical: Transport under simplified conditions without ADR certificate and without hazardous substance vehicle marking
  • Durable: Full steel design, hot-dip galvanised on the inside and outside
  • Flexible: stackable
  • Spare parts management: Long-term availability of spare part

Technology in detail

  • 1
    Self-priming pump readily mounted on the tank, including hose and automatic nozzle
  • 2
    Nozzle holder
  • 3
    Safe crane lifting acc. to DGUV Information Sheet 209-013
  • All fittings and connections installed under lockable cover
  • Single-walled

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