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Reliable supply with petrol

Designed and developed for above-ground storage in the fields of agriculture, industry, transport and the public sector. The double-walled tank type KA is suitable for safe storage of petrol and other flammable liquids of any kind (with flash points below 55 °C) as well as water-polluting liquids with a max. density of 1.9 kg/l. Double-walled collection containers and tanks are explosion-proof and withstand even explosions on the inside. Ready for operation immediately and equipped with all necessary ports, fittings as well as powerful and high-quality pumps.

Your benefits

  • Safe: Storage container manufactured and approved according to DIN 6623
  • Practical: Installation of several tanks next to each other with minimum gaps
  • Durable and long service life: Full steel design, hot-dip galvanized on the inside and outside or inside raw and outside coated
  • Flexible: Installation in buildings and outdoors
  • Cost-efficient: No additional collection tray required
  • Spare parts management: Long-term availability of spare parts

Technology in detail

  • 1
    Double-walled permanent off-grid vacuum leakage monitoring at both walls
  • 2
    Fill limit indicator, suction line with pump port, dip stick, filling line with lockable 2/2½" safety bolt securely arranged in a protective ring
  • 3
    Gas balance line port
  • 4
    Individual equipment options like swing door cabinet, hose drum, waste water filter and requirements-oriented accessories
  • Explosion-proof
  • 2 lifting lugs for empty transport, safe crane lifting acc. to BGI 556

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