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QUADRO-CV is ideal for fuelling of small machinery and equipment at construction sites, landfills, municipal operations, during forestry work, in agriculture, at quarries, on golf yards and numerous other fields. They are approved as packaging for hazardous substances and therefore require no costly periodic inspections. QUADRO-CV is distinguished by its low installation height and centre of gravity. This improves handling, safety and ensures suitability for transport on pickup trucks. The special base construction enables uncomplicated loading and secure transport by forklift truck or pallet truck.

Ready for operation immediately and equipped with all necessary ports, fittings as well as powerful and high-quality pumps.

Your benefits

  • Long service life: Certification as transport container for road, railway, inland shipping and maritime transport
  • Uncomplicated: General type approval as storage container
  • Cost-effective: No periodic inspections necessary
  • Practical: Transport under simplified conditions without ADR certificate and without hazardous substance vehicle marking
  • Durable: Full steel design, hot-dip galvanised on the inside and outside
  • Flexible: Stackable and space-saving
  • Spare parts management: Long-term availability of spare parts

Technology in detail

  • 1
    Double-walled within the meaning of AwSV (plant ordinance for materials hazardous to water); energy-independent vacuum leakage monitoring for both walls
  • 2
    Self-priming pump with adapter, readily mounted on the tank incl. hose and automatic nozzle
  • 3
    3-point locking with safety locking cylinder
  • 4
    Lateral opening for hose lines or cables
  • All fittings and connections installed under lockable cover
  • Safe crane lifting acc. to DGUV Information Sheet 209-013

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