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KC-AG 5500
Power unit supply on a large scale

Designed and developed for reliable supply of power units of large-scale machinery construction sites in winter, in event service, in rental of tents, industry and numerous other fields. Thanks to its large capacity, the KC-AG 5500 is particularly suited for companies with a high demand for diesel or fuel oil. An access ladder with extra large step enables convenient access to fittings and equipment. A special base construction with corner fittings for secure mounting on the vehicle including protective frame for easy stacking of empty containers are available as well.

Your benefits

  • Long service life: UN approval as transport container (tank container) for road (ADR) transport of hazardous substances for an unlimited time
  • Uncomplicated: Application in water protection areas as well
  • Practical: Individual equipment options for practical solutions
  • Durable and long service life: Full steel design, hot-dip galvanized on the inside and outside
  • Spare parts management: Long-term availability of spare parts

Technology in detail

  • 1
    Double-walled permanent off-grid vacuum leakage monitoring at both walls
  • 2
    Dome with fuel gauge, ventilation line with certified shutter ball valve, suction and return line, filler neck, fill limit indicator, safety valve
  • 3
    Optionally with corner fittings in accordance with the surface area of a 10' ISO container for secure mounting on the vehicle
  • 4
    Central lifting bracket, safe crane lifting acc. to BGI 556
  • Operating pressure: 2.65 bar
  • All fittings in a liquid-proof storage box with lockable cover

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