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Quadro-TA 700
Supply of power units in demanding environments

Designed for use in extreme conditions. The mobile cubic QUADRO-TA 700 fuel container is the ideal solution for supply of machinery, equipment and power units in numerous fields and under extreme weather conditions like wind, heat, cold as well as harsh applications in areas of conflict. The fuel container holds a German general type approval as storage container for flammable liquids of any kind and other water-polluting liquids. Thanks to these and the additional UN approval as transport container (IBC), the fuel container is an universal solution for the supply of power units according to strictest requirements.

Your benefits

  • Long service life: Certification as transport container for road, railway, inland shipping and maritime transport
  • Uncomplicated: General type approval as storage container
  • Practical: Transport under simplified conditions without ADR certificate and without hazardous substance marking (up to 333 litres of petrol)
  • Durable: Full high-quality steel design, hot-dip galvanized on the inside and outside
  • Flexible: Stackable and space-saving
  • Spare parts management: Long-term availability of spare parts

Technology in detail

  • 1
    Double-walled permanent off-grid vacuum leakage monitoring at both walls
  • 2
    Cleaning opening with a diameter of 500 mm and cover with arrangement of all inlet ports and lines into the container
  • 3
    Folding storage compartment in the clearance on the front of the container
  • 4
    DN 10 suction line with shutter ball valve and foot valve directed into a sump in the lower base of the container
  • Safe crane lifting acc. to BGI 556
  • Scaled dip stick
  • Ventilation line with shutter ball valve
  • Liquid-proof protective box for fittings including divided equipment compartment and lockable cover with gas pressure spring

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