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Uncomplicated, safe, functional

Designed and developed for safe and quick pumping of water-polluting substances like diesel and petrol for fire and other emergency services - quickly and without much personnel. The MOBILUS PORTABLE refilling equipment complies with all applicable technical and legal regulations. MOBILUS portable features an explosion-proof design (ATEX) and is ready for application in just a few steps. Application is supported considerably by requirements-oriented accessories.

Your benefits

  • Safe: Manufactured in compliance with ATEX and the Machinery Directive, CE mark 
  • Uncomplicated: Easy handling thanks to support frame
  • Practical: Universal and quick application
  • Durable and long service life: Fully coated steel frame, compact and safe design
  • Flexible: Off-grid application, requirements-oriented accessories
  • Spare parts management: Long-term availability of spare parts
  • 1
    Double-diaphragm pump
  • 2
    Individual equipment options like support frame for gas cylinders, pressure reduction valve, large suction hose or extended discharge nozzle with automatic nozzle
  • Suction/pump capacity up to 40 l/min (dependent on the suction line)
  • Metal mesh-coated, electrically conductive suction probe, DN 8, 3.5 m long
  • Pressure hose DN19 x 2500
  • Suction through openings with a minimum diameter of Ø 15 mm

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