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The economical solution for filling stations for private consumption

In many sectors like agriculture, construction, industry or transport, in-house filling stations offer practical advantages. Trips to public gas stations are no longer required. This saves time and purchasing large quantities saves money. Rietberg fuel filling bays type KAP GIRO provide a secure area for fuelling of vehicles and storage containers in compliance with all applicable legal regulations. Various KAP GIRO models are available with special accessories for individual realization of filling stations for private consumption.

Your benefits

  • Safe: Manufactured according to Z-38.5-155
  • Uncomplicated: General type approval, can be disassembled for repositioning
  • Practical: Short distances for fuelling, quick application
  • Durable and long service life: Full steel design, hot-dip galvanized
  • Flexible: Indoor or outdoor installation and under roofs
  • Cost-effective: No oil separator and no constructional measures like sewage connection or liquid-proof surfaces required.
  • Spare parts management: Long-term availability of spare parts

Technology in detail

  • 1
    Modular design
  • 2
    4 steel trays, each covered with 2 heavy-duty gratings
  • 3
    Individual equipment options like splash guard wall or hinged cover, access ramp assembly kit, ASS fittings, height guiding for discharge hose, special nozzle mechanism with integrated ON/OFF switch for the dispensing pump of the storage container or accessory kit for tracked vehicles
  • Collection capacity of 210 l per tray
  • Maximum admissible wheel load 6.5 t
  • Maximum admissible vehicle weight 40 t

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