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IBC expertise course for prospective inspectors of an inspection body according to BAM GGR-002.

Are you a member of staff in a repair shop or an inspection body or are you even the operator of several mobile storage tank installations? Would you like to test IBCs on a recurring basis and be active as an inspector?

We can assist you for this.



Training course contents

  • Teaching the theoretical and practical basics relating to the subject of testing and inspection of intermediate bulk containers.
  • Obtaining the required authorisation to implement periodic tests and inspections on IBCs on one's own responsibility.
  • Fulfilling the prerequisites so that you can be recognised by BAM as an inspection body with this expertise and verification of a quality assurance programme
  • Obtaining permission to be able to fulfil the role as an inspector for a recognised inspection body

Appointments 2022

Current appointments 2022Course abbreviation
27.04. - 28.04.2022   T22-1
16.05. – 17.05.2022T22-2
24.08. – 25.08.2022T22-3
16.11. - 17.11.2022T22-4



If organizational changes (e.g., for infection control reasons) are unavoidable, we will notify you immediately at the e-mail address you have provided.


  • Theoretical principles

    Theoretical principles

    • Legal principles and structure of ADR, RID and the IMDG Code
    • Definition and delimitation of hazardous goods containment (packaging-IBC-tanks-KTC)
    • Type approval for IBC
    • Definition of terminology (1.2 ADR/RID/IMDG Code), special features, delimitation and practical consequences
    • Identification marking for an IBC
    • Executing the recurring tests and inspections according to
    • Obligations for the manufacturer as well as the inspection bodies (Article 25(1) and (3) GGVSEB etc.)
    • Responsibilities for local authorities, legal importance of IBC inspection and testing
    • Reports, protocols, test reports, retention periods ( ADR/RID/IMDG Code)
  • Practical exercises

    Practical exercises

    • Testing and inspection principles
    • Leakage test inspection methods
    • Functional testing for operating equipment
      • Special features for base outlet (protection against accidental opening)
      • Testing pressure relief equipment
    • Wall thickness measurement (ultrasound measuring device)
    • Calibrating measuring equipment
    • Documentation review and final examination



  • Examination and conclusion

    Examination and conclusion

    You will be awarded a certificate for verification of your expertise once you have successfully passed the written examination.

  • Price


    The participation fee per participant is 549,- € plus VAT.

    The participation amount (fee), which is to be remitted, includes lunch for both training days as well as beverages and snacks during the event

  • Legal framework for testing and inspections

    Legal framework for testing and inspections

    Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) must be tested and inspected at regular intervals of not more than 2.5 years in accordance with ADR by an inspection body which is recognised by the local authority.
    BAM-GGR 002 prescribes that these requirements, and the initial tests and inspections as well as the tests and inspections after repair may only be executed by recognised inspection bodies. Every inspector from an inspection body must successfully complete an IBC expertise course, estimated at a minimum of 12 time hours, before taking up their duties and be able to verify this from the inspection body to BAM. Every inspector from an inspection body must be independent and not subjected to instructions when executing tests and inspections, and be free to act in accordance with the QSP of the inspection body.
    You will receive the required IBC expertise certification after you have passed the final written examination at this seminar.

Contact persons for organisation & registration

Helene Hoppe


Fon 05244 983-244


Liliana Junghölter


Fon 05244 983-244


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