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Your customer service for all Rietberg products! Our qualified service technicians can always provide you with expert maintenance and repairs of all Rietberg products, such as stationary storage tanks, plants, systems or collection containers, installation of Rietberg fuel filling stations as well as the required recurring tests and inspections of intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

As a manufacturer of IBCs, a recognised Class I inspection body and a specialist company according to WHG, we have been executing this work for you for many years now - irrespective of whether at our manufacturing plant or directly at your location.

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Your benefits

Highest-possible quality: Just like the products which we manufacture, Rietberg container service also stands for the highest quality.


In-house expertise from one source: Our service technicians possess a high level of expertise and product knowledge and are perfectly suited to their tasks, not only due to their qualifications, but also due to decades of experience with the products.


Nationwide: Country-wide coverage with the deployment of our service technicians and in conjunction with our authorised service partners.


Simple reservation: On the telephone from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and at any time by email or on-line via our homepage.


Original spare parts: We only utilise original spare parts, which our service technicians always have available with them to the extent required.


Repairs under guarantee: Repairs which are executed within the Rietberg container guarantee are of course free of charge for you.


Outside the guarantee period: Fair and transparent repair conditions and prices.



Agreeing an appointment

In order for Rietberg container service to be able to assist you quickly and making an uncomplicated appointment possible, we recommend that you always follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Identify your product

    Step 1: Identify your product

    The most important element for identification is the manufacturing and/or container number of your product! Every product is identified with a unique numerical identification, which you will find in the last test report and/or test certificate or on the nameplate of your product.

  • Step 2: Product documentation

    Step 2: Product documentation

    In the ideal case, you should have the test report or test certificate and/or the invoice at hand, as these contain important information regarding your product as well as, in the case of the invoice, the order number and the date of purchase. The purchase date already provides important, initial information about whether the repair could still be covered by the manufacturer's guarantee.

    The most recent test report must be available to the inspector at the latest before commencing the work on a recurring test and inspection. If it is not available, then the test or inspection cannot be implemented!

  • Step 3: Contact the Rietberg container service

    Step 3: Contact the Rietberg container service

    In case of upcoming repair, servicing and maintenance works, we always recommend that you contact your Rietberg container service contact person in advance by telephone or email. Based on the descriptions which you provide and, if applicable, photographs sent by you, they will assess the extent of the damage and determine whether the work can be executed at the manufacturer's works or directly on your premises. Furthermore, the required spare parts will be determined and scheduled in for the on-site appointment.

    Contact your contact partner at Rietberg container service at the following contact data in order to arrange an appointment for repair work, servicing or maintenance or utilise the On-line form for "Inspections and testing" on our homepage for arranging an appointment for a test and inspection for an IBC.

Your contact partner at Rietberg container service

Paul Warkentin


Fon 05244 983-249


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